The investigation team of Helix Dynamics Advisors Group has extensive experience in the geographical regions of Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia and Central Asia countries. Our local native certified investigators and subject matter experts are capable of investigating difficult cases at the aforementioned countries according to local legal laws and regulations, in a strictly confidential manner.

Our investigators are capable of supporting a spectrum of clients including accountants, lawyers and local authorities with investigations in the following areas:


•  Tadalafil Oral Strips USA Buy Bribery & Corruption

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides anti-bribery and corruption investigations for legal entities and physical persons in multi jurisdictions. We conduct discrete investigations in order to identify evidence of any allegations of bribery and corruption at various levels.

We mainly provide discrete investigations on allegations of bribery and corruption of PEP's, royal family members as well as governmental officers related to public procurement departments and projects tenders.

One of our areas of expertise is discrete investigations on allegations of bribery and corruption related to sectors such as: the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, construction, contracting and infrastructure projects, the oil and gas sector as well as the aviation and defence sectors.


 Fraud & Internal Investigations

We provide fraud and internal investigations on legal entities, full and part time employees, freelancers, sub-contractors, as well as associates and third parties  in multi jurisdictions.

Our experienced investigators and certified internal control and audit employees conduct discrete investigations on behalf of our clients in order to identify any evidence of fraud within organisations.

We work with lawyers and accountants and undertake the investigation of freelancers, sub-contractors, as well as associates and third parties in multi-jurisdictions. Our investigations are conducted in a strictly confidential manner and according to the laws and regulations of a country.


 Financial Crime Investigations

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group provides investigations on allegations of financial crimes, such as credit cards fraud, prepaid debit cards, mortgage fraud, inside security trading fraud, as well as other financial fraud issues related to crimes such as counterfeit money, questionable bankruptcies, and other suspicious financial activities.

Our specialised financial crime investigators work closely with our clients as well as lawyer and accountants in order to identify evidence related to financial crimes.

We work in various jurisdictions, in a strictly confidential manner and according to the laws and regulations of the country /ies, where the investigations take place.


• Anti-Money Laundering / Terrorism Financing Investigations

Investigation2Helix Dynamics Advisors Group maintains a team of specialised and certified anti-money laundering and terrorism financing specialists operating in various jurisdictions and especially in countries where there are serious issues related to money laundering and terrorism financing as well as offshore jurisdictions.

We work in close collaboration with local authorities, lawyers, accountants and special anti-money laundering and terrorism financing authorities as well as law enforcement agencies in various countries.

Our competitive advantage is the extensive knowledge of the local key "players", networks of possible money laundering and terrorism finance as well as the cultural and ethical beliefs, local languages and dialects in various countries.


• Asset Searches & Recovery

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides special local based investigations for assets search and recovery on behalf of the ultimate owners.

We provide asset search services in a number of countries and work mainly with lawyers and accountants.

We offer extensive experience of investigations in multi-jurisdictions especially offshore jurisdictions. Our investigators utilise local official links which they maintain with authorities and organisations in order to conduct searches in various records and identify evidence of any assets.


• Integrity Investigations

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides integrity investigations in various sectors in all the countries where we are operating. A detailed presentation of the specific services is available at the Due Diligence & Compliance services.


• Litigation & Commercial Dispute Support

Investigation3Helix Dynamics Advisors provides support services to our clients as well as to lawyers and accountants in complex multi-jurisdictional litigation and disputes related to civil and criminal matters for corporations.

Our team of specialized industry experts and certified investigators are in the position to provide support services concerning cases related to claims of profits, breach of contract, construction and consulting contracts disputes, shareholder disputes.

We provide support services in order to discover and identify evidence from electronic or paper internal/external sources  and assist in the assessment of risk and the quantification of damages exposure as well as to produce financial analyses for alternative scenarios.

Additional litigation and dispute support services includes: e-document, records management including indexing, scanning, data entry as well as data extraction.