watch • Who we are

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group is a premier international Business Advisory professional firm operating more than 15 years in the geographic areas of Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia Federation and CIS.

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group was founded by a team of experts with a background in financial, legal accounting, compliancy and market intelligence. Their subject matter and extensive knowledge and experience included food & beverages, chemical, aviation, IT and communication, FMCG professionals with extensive, hands on, in multinational organizations and large regional corporations, mainly in the industries of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Telecommunications, High-Technology, Mass Media & Entertainment, Aviation and Defense as well as Energy and Utilities.

Our market focused operational structure is based on a matrix made up of nine streams:

  • Due Diligence & Compliance,
  • Investigations,
  • Employee Screening,
  • IP Protection & Brand Protection,
  • Market Intelligence,
  • Strategic Advisory,
  • Country & Political Risk,
  • Corporate Credit Support, and
  • International Trade & Development.

Our eight industry areas include:

  • Communications & High Technology,
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals,
  • Financial Services,
  • Consumer & Industrial Products,
  • Media & Entertainment,
  • Energy, Utilities, Transportation & Defense,
  • Hospitality & Leisure, and
  • Government & Non – Profit Organisations

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• Our Team and Subject Matter Experts

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group is specializing in the geographical regions of Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia and Central Asia countries.

We are an independent privately held company with headquarters in Dubai, UAE and local offices in Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany and UK.

Also, we are maintaining a number of research teams in the following countries in order to cover the geographical regions where we are operating: Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Estonia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malta, Mozambique, Nigeria, Romania, Russia Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, Turkey and Yemen.

HDA Helix Dynamics provides the following spectrum of Risk, Compliance and Market Intelligence services for the geographical regions of Middle East, Africa, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Eurasia countries (CIS).

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group, maintains a network of local multilingual researchers with extensive experience in market intelligence projects for multi-industries in the aforementioned countries.

Our clients are mainly multinational organizations, semi-governmental organizations and authorities, export insurance companies, financial institutions, as well as, aviation, construction / infrastructure contractors, pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies, FMCG producers, IT and communication companies, professional services organizations and utility providers.

Our Experience and Operational Services

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group was established by a number of partners with valuable international experience of more than 40 accumulated years in legal, accounting, compliance, internal control, fraud and investigations, security as well as information, market / competitive intelligence and market research in a number of sectors, beside our specialised team of experts in knowledge management systems and intelligence dissemination applications.

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group has expanded the scale of its Services by both vertical and horizontal integration:

  • Vertical integration has been achieved by Strategic partnerships with international associations and industry collaborations with institutions and organizations. Helix Dynamics Advisors Group has alliance partnerships with a number of Associations, Institutions and Organisations around the globe.
  • Horizontal integration / Organic Network has been achieved by expanding our network of advisors and subject matter experts in the Middle East and Africa, Europe and Eurasia geographical regions. Currently, our network of Researchers and Subject Matter Experts covers more than 110 countries and involves more than 85 and 114 specialized Full Time as well as Ad-hoc Researchers and Subject Matter Experts respectively.


Language Capabilities - List of language capabilities within the firm:

  • Helix Dynamics Advisors Group utilizes locally based Multi-Lingual researchers in order to offer the depth and insight of their local language skills.

Our Language coverage includes (in alphabetical order): Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Berber, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Arabic, Estonian, Farsi, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Moldovan, Norwegian, Ordu, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.


• Our Corporate Values, Purpose and Objectives

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group's Corporate Values are.

  • Professionalism

Professional quality of our work is our first priority by applying the best possible skills, knowledge and experience to achieved excellence in whatever we undertake.

  • Respect

We aim to build our build our business relationship with our work colleagues, clients, suppliers and the community based on mutual trust and respect.

  • Security and Confidentiality

We run our business with the most stringent code of ethics and we treat our work colleagues, clients, suppliers and associates information with strict confidentiality.

  • Learning and Knowledge Management

The quality of our services to our clients is dependent on the quality of our people skills and we therefore systematically maintained a clear focus on providing education and training opportunities and ensure that our business best practices and culture encourage sharing of information and knowledge among our colleagues so that they and our clients benefit from the company's gaining knowledge.

  • Proactive Advise

We endeavor to foresee changes in the market and proactively bring the most benefit to our clients in order to make the right strategic and tactical decisions and stay ahead of competition

  • Client Focus

Our top priority is always our clients' interest, we are available to support, discuss any needs or concerns with them. We aim to serve our clients well on a long-term basis, not just at the beginning of our cooperation.

The purpose of Helix Dynamics Advisors Group is to nurture business growth by providing comprehensive and practical business services for critical and on-time decision making and specialized support thus creating a better and safer business environment by helping avoid and fight corruption in high risk geographic areas.

Our objective is to provide to you our experience, expertise, objectivity, dedication, devotion and passion.


• Affiliations and Accreditations

Our executives are qualified practitioners in the areas that they are operating. Specifially, our executives are members of the following institutions:

• ACAMS - Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

• ACFE - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

• AML-FORUM - Anti-Money Laundering Forum

• IAFCI – International Association of Financial Crime Investigators

• PRMIA - Professional Risk Managers' International Association

• OCEG - Open Compliance and Ethics Group

• SCIP – Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

• ESOMAR – European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research


• Code of Ethical Standards and Conduct

  • Helix Dynamics Advisors Group aspires to conduct itself in a manner that reflects positively upon the industry and profession and adheres to and abides by local applicable laws and regulations.
  • Helix Dynamics Advisors Group adheres to and abides by its own company policies, procedures and objectives thus maintaining a strict code of ethics not only within its own company but also with third party contractors and suppliers.
  • Helix Dynamics Advisors Group provides practical and realistic recommendations and solutions which comply to compliancy regulations and international laws.
  • Helix Dynamics Advisors Group avoids any conflicts of interest which may arise when executing its assigned duties and tasks.
  • Helix Dynamics Advisors Group promotes transparency and disclosure of identity where possible.